A man looks out his window. Morro de Sao Paulo, Bahia

Clothing hanging to dry outside a front door. Morro de Sao Paulo, Bahia

A girl stands on the steps of her school in a Landless Workers Union community. Bahia

A chicken, possibly dinner or an egg layer, crosses past a shed door. Landless Workers Union, Bahia

A teenager runs out of the waves from a small local beach. Buzios, Rio de Janeiro

A view of the famous Sugar Loaf. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

River boats, typically used for local transportation and fishing, immersed in water. Manaus

A tree trunk stands silhouetted in the sunset and reflected by the river. Manaus

Neighbors and friends meet up to use a tree as their "diving board" across the river on their property. Victoria, Bahia

A rubbermaker demonstrates how the white sap from the rubber trees is drawn and collected into reused tin cans. Later, the rubber is smoked into forms for varied uses: like gloves. Manaus

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